Powerful Google Ads Automation Tools and Scripts for Car Dealerships

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These tools and workflows are guaranteed to reduce marketing spend while maintaining search impression share (share of voice).

Pilot and Scale Leads

The simple integrations of our 6 proprietary tools allow scale automation to rapidly create demand and flexibility across your sales-ops workflows.

Improve Vehicle Turnover

New and used car inventory must be moved. Find those cars a new driveway with our proven marketing sequences.

Modernize Sales

An investment in marketing automation for your dealership leverages tested workflows to reach committed car buyers.

690+ Negative Keywords for Car Dealerships

Focus on reducing the wasted ad spend and generating more sales. We scraped 210 car dealership ad accounts over 12 years and complied the negative terms. 

  • Measurable improvements to ROAS
  • Instantaneous reduction of wasted ad spend

“Absolutely superb availability. Ease and efficiency of implementation support. A set of workable and immediate alternatives."

Six Leading Conversion Actions for Auto Dealers

These conversion actions give us data points. Painting a more accurate picture for campaign managers' future automated bidding strategies.

  • Overnight segmentation of conversion data
  • Gain premium micro-economic insights

"Offers a variety of configurations and operating systems for all departments. Great add-ons and integrations."

Move beyond basic account management to intelligent interactions 

2 Advanced Keyword Mining Scripts

Research your untapped and new keywords with our propriety keyword mining scripts. Phenominal for finding hidden long-tail gems and fresh account buildouts. 

  • Powerful keyword opportunity reports
  • Ideal for new and used dealerships

“Automish optimized our auto group's digital department."

1,000+ Must-Have General Negative Keywords for Dealership SEM Campaigns

Using an alpha-beta strategy, phrase or broad match keywords? This is a critical list guaranteed to save you money - instantly.

  • Over 1,000 negative keywords in one file.
  • Quick implementation guarantee.

"Customer support is always perfect. Flexibility when I need to add more terms, or more campaigns, etc."

Our 140% Money-Back Guarantee 

We're confident that each of our proprietary tools and scripts will lead to an increase in ROI for your dealership.
We stand behind them with a 140% money-back guarantee.

117 Audience Modifier Combinations to Reach Committed Car Buyers

Multiply sales and marketing automation with these algorithmically selected new and used car shopper modifiers. 

  • An excellent tool to retain local share-of-voice.
  • Ween away market share from competitors.
  • Perfect for display and search campaigns. 

"Car buyers now demand an entirely different kind of relationship with your dealership: They expect to be treated as equal partners. That comes with dedicated responsibility and smart integration."

8 Google Ads Automation Scripts for Car Dealerships

After installing these scripts you can take your hands off the wheel. These tried and tested scripts make 100s of tweaks a week to keep your account dialed in.

  • Estimated to save 10+ hours a week
  • Automate Your Google Ads Account

"Deploy accelerated tools using specific-automation strategies."

Recent Dealership Feedback

60,000+ Hours Saved Worldwide 

We reduce marketing overhead and acquisition costs. 

"Deployment of these accelerated tools using specific automation strategies that align with our quarterly figures has been a great investment."

Bill Hawkins

Senior Sales Director | Los Angeles

" Absolutely superb availability. Ease and efficiency of implementation support. "

Steve Armentrout

Director of Digital | Detroit

" Perfect attribution. These scripts paid for themselves within a week. "

Earl Lind Sr.

Owner | Phoenix

" A set of workable and immediate alternatives. "

Michael Sullivan

VP Sales | New Jersey

" Digital is the way forward in used cars. It scales. We're doing more with less and it's great for everyone. "

Kevin Hughes

CEO | Boise

Because we target real people, we get real results.

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Improved Search-Impression Share

Increase your local share of voice and market share through our tools.

Move Inventory Quicker

More qualified traffic to your website means more demand per $ invested.

Comprehensive Sales Attribution

Take the steps now to get a better picture of your marketing ROI.

We know where your next sale is.

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